In 2008, the public's interest in green home energy systems grew faster than the rising fuel prices.

Our largest projects of 2008 utilize Ground Source Heat Pumps. These amazing little appliances help collect and condense natural heat energy from the earth in the winter, and return it back again during the summer. Because heat energy is merely being moved and not generated the cost to operate such a system is far less than that of a fossil fuel based system.

Last year we installed many Ground Source Heat Pumps in several very large private residences. Heat loads change moment to moment, and our modular heat pumps stage accordingly.
We've also installed several low mass high efficiency boiler systems in a number of private schools, and commissioned a complete new Air Purification System with controls for a world famous client.
Using Direct Digital Controls by Johnson Controls we program all our systems to run at maximum efficiency, saving the consumer money and our planet's resources.
We custom design all our systems to meet the exact needs of the building owner/architect. It is our policy to exceed all expectations of the systems we install.